Family Checklist


We realize that at this time it may be very difficult to focus. We have put together a checklist of information that you will need to gather, so we can assist you in a timely and professional manner. Some of this information will be
asked of you when you make the first call to the funeral home so our staff can assist you properly from the start. Even our service will ask you some basic questions as well.
Basic Questions asked of you:

  • Name of Deceased.
  • Where the deceased is located (Hospital, Hospice, Home, or Nursing facility.)
  • Phone number or address where the deceased is located.
  • Legal address of deceased.
  • Date of Birth, and Place of Birth.
  • Social Security Number.
  • Occupation of the Deceased.
  • Father’s name, Mother’s name and Maiden Name.
  • Education level.
  • Marital statues.
  • If married, Wife’s name and maiden name.
  • Informant’s name (person giving information), address, and relationship to deceased.
  • Burial plot information (Cemetery Deeds, telephone numbers of contact persons,Burial Society information.)

Information to be given to the rabbi:

  • Hebrew name of the deceased.
  • Hebrew names of the deceased parents.

Information to bring with you to the funeral home:

  • Veterans Discharge papers.
  • Clothing if it is going to be needed (Shrouds are the traditional way of burial.)
  • Cemetery deeds and plot information as well a cemetery maps showing locations (if you have this.)

Obituary Information:
We encourage ours families to write the obituary for the deceased because the obituary will be more personable, and contain the information that you want in it. If you would rather the funeral home write the obit for the deceased, we
gladly will do so.

Information needed for the obit:

  • Any memberships or involvement in Service clubs, Synagogues, Fire Depts., etc……
  • Survivors of the deceased, children, grand/great children, brother, sisters, etc…
  • Any family statements that you wish to have included in the obituary. If you wish, an organization which donations in memory of deceased can be made.
  • The location of Shiva, if you want to mention this in the obit.