Chapel Tour


Chapel Tour

[img src=]22851Menorah Chapels Tour
[img src=]16760Menorah Chapels Tour
Chapel stage
[img src=]14440Menorah Chapels Tour
Chapel, view from stage
[img src=]13720Menorah Chapels Tour
Chapel Stage
[img src=]12350Menorah Chapels Tour
Shrouds, Burial Dresses and Suits
[img src=]12471Menorah Chapels Tour
Shrouds, Burial Dresses and Suits
[img src=]11090Menorah Chapels Tour
Sitting room
[img src=]10840
[img src=]10130
[img src=]10390Menorah Chapels Tour
[img src=]12002Menorah Chapels Tour
Casket Room
[img src=]11990Menorah Chapels Tour
Casket Room
[img src=]11372Menorah Chapels Tour
Casket Room

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Menorah Chapels is a prominent, picturesque building at an accessible location, with a large parking plaza on the property.

Our viewing room and chapel provides families with a home-like ambiance. Our facilities allow families to welcome visitors as they would in their own home. We offer handicapped accessible provisions as well as other special needs for the blind or hearing impaired.